Phaze – Futuristic Racing Action


The latest Wipeout clone to hit the iPhone, with 16 tracks and 10 hovercrafts. It was hyped to be the game that would blow Low Grav Racer outta the water…or air, rather…but it’s not all that. While there was annoying wall-drag in the original Wipeout, it seems particularly annoying here and you’ll find yourself popping your shield to mitigate damage from the walls, not the other racers. Which brings up my other point; enjoy the view of the hovercrafts in the above screenshot, as it’s the last time you will see them. You’ll either be well in front of them in Easy mode or well behind them at the top level of difficulty. You rarely see other racers and, since they have no top-view, mini-map track display, it rarely feels like a race either. Another annoying problem is that the tilt controls turn the screen red, when it is tilted too far, for some unexplained reason, so you find yourself tilting until it is red and then easing off repeatedly, which sucks. The feeling of speed is lacking too, unless you hit every boost pad. P.S. – the weapons suck. The devs could build a solid game on this framework, if they would do a balance pass and some polish, but right now it’s not a top-tier title, as was promised.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ icon


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