Monster Pinball

Monster Pinball

Let me get this out of the way immediately: I will never be as satisfied with a video pinball game that does not include Funhouse, like the Midway Pinball Collection does for PSP. That is my favorite pinball game IRL and most other games don’t come close to its brilliance. Now to this game.

It is a really solid effort, but it’s not a simulation; it’s more of a fun pinball-esque action title. There are nine tables, all connected by cross-table paths, which makes for zany fun. This is similar to another titles that gets tons of press, called Freeballin’, which I dislike immensely due to it’s wonky physics. The physics are much better in this title, although still not perfect. This game is just good, goofy fun.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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