Blood n Guns

Another dual-stick zombie shooter, but this time, they took it over the top with gore…which we all want desperately, of course. They may have taken it a just a wee bit too far, in fact, because not only does the blood not disappear in 2 seconds as we’ve all become accustomed to, but it stays on the ground from game to game! As you can see, it turns into a red carpet that makes the enemies nearly indistinguishable from the gore. We applaud the effort though, especially since the tuning is immaculate. You remember how we were all hyped for MiniGore, but when it released it didn’t like it delivered on its promise? Well this game is just has frantic and it keeps the player engaged, wave after wave, because the weapons and powerups that drop are diverse and are well-suited to the task of dispatching a wide variety of oncoming enemies, each with their own discernible strong and weak points. After playing through each of the six game modes, I came away feeling it was a worthwhile buy, even though the modes primarily consisted of “shoot stuff”. In the end, the developers gave us exactly what they promised us, Blood ‘n Guns.

Update: OMG, this is hilarious! Tons of people were posting complaints like the following:

“I cant beat the chickens. Only have the pistols and could hold shy of 200 kills before being overwhelmed. How to unlock more weapons and progresss? How do i play the other game modes?”

“Hi I can’t seem to get past the first level. I’m too slow. Only a pistol. Too many chickens. Any help with that? Suggestions?”

The developers built and playtested an anti-piracy level; only punks that pirated the game get that level, and only that level, and it can’t be beaten. That is the second coolest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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