Imp or Oaf?

Imp or Oaf

What first must be said about Imp or Oaf? is that the artwork, sense of style, music, and voice acting are absolutely superb. Playing Imp or Oaf? with my 3-year-old daughter is truly a delightful experience. The premise of the game is that there exists a pair of archetypes known only as the Imp and the Oaf. After starting a 10, 20, or 50 round game, a severely zoomed-in picture of one of these characters is displayed and the player must simply assertain whether an Imp or Oaf is being shown. Tapping the screen will zoom out a little, which will most likely not show you a recognizable portion of either fellow, so you may have to tap again. Be careful, though, because if you zoom out too much, you lose your opportunity to make a guess. This is all that you do for rounds and rounds. I imagine if I was playing this by myself, I would be shouting explitives within seconds, because it can be quite frustrating to determine the nature of the filthy little creature. Luckily, my daughter couldn’t care less whether we guess correctly, or whether it’s a “good game”, or whether we could be doing roughly 1300 more important things. Instead, she is captivated by it and her laughter makes this game worth every penny.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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