Parachute Ninja

Parachute Ninja

You are little blue ball. Evil black ball kill your parents. Your house in flames. You flee to hut of uncle, Master Yo, a yellow ball. He teach you to be ninja. You must regain control of ninja scroll. Only this will avenge death of your family. Aaand…scene.

Picture a level filled with the slingshots from Must.Eat.Birds. Your ballboy is snug inside, while it’s stretched to the limit. You see an arcing, dotted line that shows your intended path, much like the system in Ignite (which I predicted ‘everyone ‘would copy…and I was wrong). You bounce between slingshots, collecting glowing goodies, until you reach the sacred lamp, at which point the level ends. If you miss your landing and you are plummeting to the water, which is deadly to your ninja ball, you can press-and-hold anywhere on the screen to pop open your umbrella to slow your descent. Tilting the iDevice left and right controls your directional vector. As you progress through the levels, springboards, giant fans, manually rotatable springboards, timed slingshots, an evil spiked ball, and other obstacles and modes of transport increase the level of challenge. BTW, don’t hit the spikes; it hurts. Although, it doesn’t matter that much, because blue ball has infinite lives.

The colors are gorgeous and the artwork too (especially the map), the music is soothing, the opening cinematic is super-cute, and the mechanics are good and scale properly. What bothered me at first was the pacing of the story mode. I thought it was a snoozer until figured out the rhythm of hitting the slingshots and parachuting to the nearest neighbor slingshot, then it became more interesting. You really need to embrace your inner zen. The endless mode is a bit speedier, though, the water level rises, and the obstacles are semi-randomized. It’s definitely a polished effort, although I don’t know long it will stay on my springboard.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon

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