Project 72

Project 72

Yo, peep this: 4 kewl dewds up in Venice Beach, by way of Sweden, decide they want to develop an iPhone game, from start to finish, in 72 hours. Project 72 is the result of this tweaked out madness and it is all documented here: Dogtown Studios, so check it.

Knowing that the game was developed in just 72 hours, I have to say that it exceeds my expectations in almost every way; the graphics are stylish and crisp, the soundtrack is bumpin’, and the gameplay is superb. It is perfect in its approachability, but still extremely challenging, which is a hard thing to accomplish. This is textbook Pick-Up-and-Play, folks; keep it simple and fun, present repeatable challenges, and make it compelling enough to make the player want to play it, “just one more time.”

A message to the guys at Dogtown: quit your day jobs…and if this is your day job, then get back to work! The days of 6-month development cycles are behind us now, so I’ll have my dollar ready for you when your next game releases on Friday.
Dog + Town = Win.

I was so excited, I forgot to tell you what the game is! It’s a casual-ish dodging game, in which the player guides a 50′s future rocket ship through space, avoiding asteroids, and nabbing powerups. The most important one being fuel, because if you run out – game over, loser. Same way with black holes; here’s a pro-tip from our boy Yuri – you see a black hole, steer starboard or port…not both. What makes it exciting and kind sorta somewhat insanely difficult is that your ship speeds up…and up…and exponentially up! Luckily, there is always a nearby object to help you gradually apply the brakes (hint: it starts with “a” and ends with “steroids”). My rating reflects the pure kickbuttedness of this idea and the team of lunatics behind it. I hope others will follow in their wake. Poehali!

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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