Lilt Line

Lilt Line

I really like this one. You may not, primarily because it’s way too short. You could play through all the levels in one or two sittings.  The idea, the minimalist presentation, and the Dubstep soundtrack (provided by 16bit) are absolutely killer. You guide a simple white trail through an ever-changing tunnel, by tilting the iPhone. When you cross a thick white column, you tap your finger to the beat anywhere on the screen. Hitting the walls or missing a beat reduces your score. Hit zero, game over. Unfortunately, the beat tap feels unresponsive, since it’s triggered on the release, not the press. C’mon, it’s a rhythm game, how could they make that mistake?!? Another questionable design decision is that the key parts of the music are dampened, after a miss, which is punishing. This is billed as a “massively single player tactical espionage survival horror musical space flight simulation”, which is pretty awesome in and of itself. Why is it called Lilt Line, instead of Tilt Line? No idea. Again, I like it, but I don’t really recommend it, in it’s current state, for anyone but the most adventurous, rich, and/or drunk.

Update: Kick_Butt. The developers have added 4 new, huge levels; bumps my rating up to 4 Stars. I really do like this game and I can heartily recommend it, now that they have addressed my primary concern.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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