Apparently, this is based on some Nintendo DS game that everyone has played but me, called PicPic. You draw a path between two matching numbers that matches that number. Wow, that’s poorly worded; just look at the screenshot. The swipe controls are perfect. I’ve only played the first few levels, so I can’t comment on the depth, because it’s been dead-easy so far. The later levels look humongous, though, so I’m sure it will be fine. Not to mention that it provides 169 levels (with the recent update). When you’re done with the puzzle, it turns into a picture, which for me, redefines anti-climactic.

Update: Wow, this game is still on my iPhone months later. I’ve played a bajillion levels now and understand the attraction to the game much better than I did, when I first played it. First of all, it’s relaxing. The feeling of just connecting the dots is so fluid, that the act itself is simply pleasing. Gamers like to be rewarded and, in this game, each swipe rewards you. It is the perfect game to have when you don’t want to strain your brain, but you like the feeling of progress. In addition, the levels do get more challenging. So much so, in fact, that a new title has been released by the same developer, called PathPix Pro (which is a no-brainer, if you like this one, because it provides 300 new puzles). I’m increasing my rating to a 5, due to the longevity of the title and for the calming effect it provides.

Rating: ★★★★★ icon


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