This game is touted as “the best MMO on the iPhone”, but it is basically a “Text Grind” MUD. There are a slew of these games on the platform, typically with a mafia theme, in which you compete to level up your character and fight your numbers against opposing players’ numbers, with nothing more than textual descriptions and minimal art. Many of these games allow you to purchase leveling points with real money, which surprisingly, people do (one of the games comes loaded with x amount of points for $100). This of course ruins the game for everyone else, because the guy who spends the most wins. Luckily, CozyQuest does not follow the same blueprint.

You grind monsters and quests to get XP and gold. You buy items either from the Blacksmith or from the player supported Auction House. You can learn Professions, upgrade your stats, send email, chat with other players, and even form Guilds. As a 4th level Merchant, I’ve only opened 5 quests and encountered about the same number of monsters. Total grind, but for some reason, it has held my interest. Maybe I like to tap buttons, because that is primarily what you do. It actually wasn’t supposed go live until May 1st, but through a mix-up in the app store, it was released early. The developer has been really active in the forum community, seems like a good guy, and the game has generated a lot of interest.

Update: The developer added tools for players to generate content, which was a great idea, and a relatively large and friendly community has formed within the game. Nils Munch, the developer, has continued to add features, including a faster core engine, a better user interface, and more classes and items.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon

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