This is a Diablo clone and a pretty decent one, at that; dungeons, quests, stat increases, skill upgrades, vendors, monsters, min-maxing lewt, and a storyline (although predictable) are all there. The game artwork is done by the dewd that worked on the Ultima games. Would you believe that the banner in the screenshot above actually waves in the breeze? Not really sure why it would…but still! The controls aren’t perfect, though. The faux D-Pad sometimes feels unresponsive, based on where your thumb is, and it is placed adjacent to the health globe, which means you’ll be glugging 40g potions accidentally. I used the option to remove the D-pad completely and use touch controls instead, which I’m glad was included, but this control method is not perfect either. The item game has been quite compelling so far, as I find myself closely inspecting each new item to see if I can squeeze an additional 1% benefit out of it. There are tons of seemingly meaningful affixes that would allow you to get the character build you want (that, coupled with the stats and skills decisions). Speaking of skills, each of your chosen skills shows up on your action bar and different points and highlight when they become available and simply tapping one will activate it. Pretty slick.

Update: Even though Dungeon Hunter may have usurped the Diablo clone throne, the team at Pixel Mine didn’t give up. Instead, they added an entirely new chapter, FREE of charge. I have yet to play through it, but I thought it was worth mentioning, because it adds significantly to amount of content in the game.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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