Zombie Pub Crawl

Zombie Pub Crawl

What’s better than killin’ zombies…? Killin’ zombies with a giant freakin’ tank!!! The idea is genius. IRL, a Zombie Pub Crawl is hordes of people stumbling from bar to bar at 3am, getting tanked . A British bloke spun this idea into a funny game in which your mates move from pub to pub, with zombies pouring out from everywhere, so they must be protected by your tank, either by plowing the zombies over or shooting them. With your left thumb you guide your tank and with your right thumb you reposition the target that directs your pub-goers. Since you move your mates with one thumb and your zombie-crushing tank with the other, it can give you that “pat your head, while rubbing your tummy” problem where it’s hard to keep the two actions separate. The result of this is usually that your tank-thumb slides off the controls, which makes the game feel unresponsive, but technically it’s “your fault”. This may or may not be an issue for others. Another issue is that tapping the screen kills zombies with tank fire, but also directs your pub-goers…not good. Oftentimes, instead of killing a zombie, you send your defenseless and drunken mates into the zombie’s waiting maw.

This may change, but currently, there are only three missions, all on the same street, that scale in difficulty to fill out the rest of the game. On the upside, the theme is great, the graphics are really good, and it’s fun. Primarily because there are a few interesting mechanics to balance and decisions to make; whether to steamroller zombies to save ammo and when, keeping an eye on your stragglers as they pass close to pub doors, while maintaining your main pack up front, and fighting your way back after losing some pub-goers. There are upgrade choices, but you’re too retarded to breathe if you don’t choose larger area-of-effect damage. I’m a big fan of the game, but it just doesn’t seem to have enough content and it may need some tuning. I’m glad I bought it, though, because I think the basic framework is interesting enough to look forward to future content and updates.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon

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