Age of Curling

Age of Curling

Wow, how could a developer do so well on so many things and overlook such a fundamental part of every game; sound. The game has no sound! well, I guess it has some sound, but not where you need it; when the rock hits the ice, when the rock is sliding, or crowd cheers for a great shot. Apparently, their sound budget only accounted for the “rock hits rock” sound which they do have. The reason I’m harping on this is that everything else, gameplay included, is so money.

As you can see, they present a top-view of the ice and the 3D shot view, which is brilliant. You set the curl of the stone and the power and let it rip. You want your rocks to be on target, while blocking your opponent. After you throw your rock, you can swipe in front of it to broom its path (this fine-tunes the shot direction), which is brilliant.

As the name implies, the game takes place in a number of venues and time periods that one can assume have some historical significance for the sport; a weathered castle in 1780′s Scotland, a textile factory in 1920′s Winnepeg (presented entirely in black & white) , an outdoor match in Venice, among others. Whether you are a die-hard curling fan or you simply watch it when the Olympics rolls around, this title should satiate the urge to play it on the go. The game receives high marks for presentation, theme, and gameplay, but unfortunately, the lack of sound in some key areas prevents this from becoming a classic curling app, if there is such a thing.

Update: I’ve kept a close eye on further development on this title and, while they were able to update it to include “rounder stones”, they still have not addressed my primary concern, sound. Down half a point.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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