Fox Vs Duck

Fox Vs Duck

What a pleasant surprise. The crew over at MrFungFung, the creators of the action-packed MiniSquadron, deliver an experience of an entirely different sort. From the very start, you can’t help but notice the perfectly executed graphic design vision that permeates this product. The minimalist headers slide in at the perfect pace from off-screen. The color, or lack thereof, prepares you for what you are about to see in-game and here is what you will see: a beautifully stylized black and white pool of water whose pleasantly calming waters are scattered with lilypads and vegetation that sprouts up at intervals. Beneath the water surface, a big fish lazily swims about. Outside the pool, a frisky fox prowls the environs. The whole scenario is quit zen-like.

In the middle of this serene scene, a cute little duck drops from the sky and splashes into the pond, causing quite a stir. Particularly if you don’t quickly tilt the iPhone in the appropriate direction to steer the little tyke away from the carnivorous fish lurking below, in which case he is snapped up instantly and thrashes to and fro in the sharp jaws, until noting is left but a widening circle of blood. Assuming you are deft enough to avoid the beast below, you can then tilt your ducky to the safety of the shore…unless of course…the wolf is nearby, in which case your little friend is gutted and left in a pool of his own blood.

The whole experience is tuned quite well: the amount of drag the lily pads cause, the frequency at which new plants appear, power-up drop rate, and the rate at which the fox’s speed increases with each new duck that appears. The gameplay will be too shallow for some, but I’m happy to help support talented developers with such a unique and beautiful vision.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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