Romance of the Three Kingdoms Touch

This was a shocker. I’m a fan of the series, but I never expected to see it show up on the iPhone, quite honestly. I’m happy to report that they did an good job in porting what is an incredibly deep game. It is, by necessity, missing some of the features of its console brethren, but that is forgivable. For those that haven’t played a game from this series, it’s a turn-based strategy title set in 2nd century China, that involves economics, politics, and war. Each turn, you decide what needs to happen in each of your territories and which of your generals should carry out the plans. You need to manage resources, such as money, troops, and food. You need to keep your populace happy, as well as managing your relationships with allies and enemies. If you are not already a fan of this type of game, I doubt that this one will convert you (especially since it has a steep learning curve), but if you are, it’s great to have a version for the iPhone.

Update: Wow, be sure to save often, because if you get a phone called, your game is jacked. There is no auto-save!

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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