Earthworm Jim

My first job related to “the industry” was working on Nintendo Power Magazine. One of my duties was to play through games, in their entirety, taking screenshots of every area in the game. Not just the main gameplay route, but every single freakin’ possible useless patch of sky that could be reached by the player character. Afterwards, I would painstakingly assemble hundreds of screens in Photoshop to create the maps you see in the magazine and player’s guides. I have very distinct memories of going through this tedious process with Earthworm Jim. I absolutely loved the game; the artwork was amazing, the story and characters were hilarious (Professor-Monkey-For-A-Head!), and the gameplay was diverse. The game was difficult, though, particularly if you had to find every possible secret area and time your screenshots perfectly. LOL. It was my first realization that working on games was different from playing games. For the iPhone port, they added three new difficulty levels, all of which are below the difficulty of the original. I’m happy to report that all of the core gameplay that made this title excellent has made the transition to the iPhone intact. J The game is great. Get it.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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