Command & Conquer Red Alert

Let’s get this out of the way right now; there is no multiplayer…yet…it’s promised for an update. It’s also somewhat lacking in content so far; 4 simple tutorial type maps for each side and 2 skirmish maps. This is probably due to the fact that they support in-app purchasing, from day one, and want to milk it as much as possible. Many of the apps that use this content delivery method are free or at least cheap, so 10 bucks may feel a bit steep. Particularly when they have a 6-map pack available at launch for $1. So is it $10 for the “full” game or is it $11?

For those of you still reading, here’s the scoop. Other than two those issues, which to me are major, it’s a really solid effort that feels like a known franchise game should. It uses 3D assets, has full voice acting and music, a good tech tree, the controls are decent, and in most cases the UI is good. Selecting units can be troublesome, but luckily, they’ve added tabs along the side for unit groups; drag-select a group of units, tap the tab, and then whenever you tap that tab, the unit group is selected. They have a simple tech tree display with three entries visible and they rest accessed by swipe-scrolling. This UI is collapsible down to nothing, as is the mini-map, which is really nice. The pathfinding is sometimes sketchy, but it’s as good as any other RTS on the platform, from what I can tell. The missions are not as diverse as they could be, but again, I guess we’re supposed to buy new content. I’ve also experienced a very annoying and very repeatable crash bug that keeps resetting my progress. This review seems negative, but I do like the game, it’s just not as stellar as it was hyped up to be, for me at least. I do recommend it for RTS fans and my rating will most likely go up when the bugs are fixed and multiplayer is released.

Update: Local Wifi and Bluetooth has been added. My rating still stands, however, as I was hoping for online multiplayer.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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