Dark Nebula

Dark Nebula is a brilliantly conceived and flawlessly executed video game that is perfectly suited to the iPhone platform. The controls are fluid, the gameplay is intuitive, the pacing is perfect, and the game is accessible to players of all skill levels. The pixel-perfect artwork is beautifully rendered and it conveys to the player exactly what it needs to; no more, no less.

The designer, Anders Hejdenberg, ever so delicately presents a simple set of features that scales perfectly with the player’s learning curve, in a way that just feels so elegant and natural that it is entirely transparent to the player. This is what a perfectly tuned gaming experience feels like, when crafted by an industry veteran. I doubt if we will see another iPhone game balanced this well, for quite some time…or at least until the talented team at 1337 Game Design release the next episode of Dark Nebula.

I cannot stress enough what a perfect game Dark Nebula is, so you’ll just have to fish out the $0.99 from beneath your couch cushions and find out for yourself. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. It’s immaculate.

Update: I actually never noticed, but it does have adaptive difficulty, which must be working quite nicely. The game has no soundtrack (although it is on the way) and is abysmally short, but they are adding additional episodes via downloadable content in the future. So it’s definitely worth the money, but it is not actually the answer to all of the world’s ills; it’s just a fun game that is over in 30 minutes.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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