Noiz2sa FREE

Long-time readers know that I am a fan of the over-the-top shooter sub-genre known as Bullet Hell, which is basically too many enemies and waaaaay too many bullets. This is actually a remake of Kenta Cho’s original masterpiece, but it fixes some of the flaws, while adding some new functionality that I’m not really too sold on. (BTW, if you like this genre and don’t have his earlier title rRootage, you should get it).

Here’s what I know about the different versions: Noiz2sa has a soundtrack, light grey levels, square shots, an indie spirit, and an inexplicably hard to control front end screen. Noiz2sa FREE has thin bullets, a good front end, dark blue backgrounds, different shot patterns, and best of all…off-ship finger placement (which I feel is imperative in a Bullet Hell game)! The game also runs very smoothly, which was not always the case with the original.

    Most of the differences are down to the preference of the individual playing the game. Personally, I think both games are worth having. The new feature I alluded to was that you can now direct your shots in any direction, with the press of a second finger, which I think was a questionable addition. Part of the challenge of this type of game is using the tools at hand and, to me, this seems like an unnecessary addition, but at least it is opt-in (I actually thought it was a bug, lol).

    Rating: ★★★☆☆ icon


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