Dungeon Hunter

This is the Diablo clone to have. There are three hero archetypes, Warrior, Mage, and Rogue, each with their own progression path and skill tree. The item game is both broad and deep, with plenty of decision-making for the hardcore guys and an auto-equip for those that aren’t. Loot is auto-pickup, as well. The controls are good, since they offer both tap-to-move and analog joystick controls, but not great. The stick could be tighter and the UI can potentially interfere with the tap controls, but your favorite of the two will probably serve you better than most games of the genre so far. Holding attack will auto-attack, which can be alternated with any of three special attacks and one of several magic fairy powers. As you can see, there is an overworld map, outdoor regions, dungeons, and a jam-packed pause screen with inventory, skill tree, magic, character info, and quests. It’s done by the Hero of Sparta guys, so the graphics are great and the gameplay is much, much deeper than that title. If you like dungeon crawls, you need this game.

Rating: ★★★★★ icon

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