If you’re worried that those ominous silhouettes in the background might be giant, death-dealing robots bent on destroying humanity, don’t worry because that would be…wait…OMG, they ARE…RUN!!! Canabalt is brilliantly conceived, beautifully crafted, and a perfect fit for the iPhone platform. Your character runs, you tap-to-jump, the speed increases to make it all an unrecognizable blur. That’s pretty much it and that’s one of the reasons I like it even better that the free PC version, because you can play a quick game of it anywhere. The soundtrack is absolutely top-notch; one part Chris Cunningham, one part spy thriller, one part techno, then add water. The choice of rendering the whole game in grayscale really drives home the ominous feeling of a city in ruin, crumbling beneath your feet. The style, music, art direction, tension, theme, and story all mesh together perfectly to make a game that feels so complete and well-designed that you can’t help but appreciate it. Online leaderboards are also being added to ensure that you keep playing.

Rating: ★★★★½ icon


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