Bloons TD

Based on the popular Bloons license, this Tower Defense game is actually pretty decent. Not much in the graphics department, for my tastes, but the gameplay is solid. There are six tower types, each upgradeable down two different non-exclusive paths with visible changes. The inclusion of several low-cost, temporary items is one of the things that sets this title apart from its brethren; pineapple grenades to defeat steel or stone balloons (?), expendable pop tacks, slow goo, and even a tower that increases the effectiveness of all tower type in proximity (!). Some are not actually too cost-effective, but can save you, if a few balloons slip past your primary defenses. And they will too, because there are quite a few balloon types that are sometimes tuned to be drastically different or provide some sort of gimmick. It has quite a few themed maps, versioned for each difficulty level, and it seem like this title may have some staying power.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon

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