Tattoo Mania – Deluxe

This is an innovative title that uses the iPhone interface quite well. Your task is to run a tattoo parlor, so when a customer enters the screen zooms into the outline of the tattoo they are requesting. Your finger controls an airbrush-like tattoo gun that fills in areas with color. The correct areas are masked, so the ink will stay within the lines, but you still have to worry about proper coverage and not harming the client. Pressure outside the lines will not only leave a red mark, but will increase the client’s anger meter, which will cause the client to leave if it fills up completely. Laying down ink too quickly, without a break to decrease the meter is also a no-no. You are paid based on how well you perform, which I assume is a combination of proper ink coverage and not harming the client. The graphics are rendered in a very appropriate thick-edged cartoon style, which is perfectly appropriate for the subject matter. The gameplay is quite good, as you not only have to tattoo well, but also have to be good at time management (swapping customers in and out of the chair to keep everyone happy). There are quite a few tattoos of varying levels of difficulty. There are no progression systems or shop upgrades, which would have been a nice component, but overall, it’s a really solid title.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon



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