iBlast Moki

This physics-based puzzler definitely has a Rolando feel, with regard to the artwork, but the similarity stops there. In this game, you need to use your bombs to blast Moki to the level exit, hence the title. You do this by placing a bomb next to him; the closer you place it, the further he’ll bounce. What really sets this title apart, though, is the way the designers scale the difficulty over the course of 70 levels to keep it interesting. At first, you just have the bomb, then several, then you have to set timers on multiple bombs, etc. You get the picture. I won’t spoil the other goodies, but there are plenty. It also comes with a full-featured level editor and the ability to upload your levels. This is one of the titles that utilizes ngmoco’s Plus+ system, which is one of several competing community systems in place to track high scores, friends, and such (the others being Open Feint, AGON, Scoreloop, Geocade, and Chillingo’s Crystal).

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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