Jojo’s Fashion Show 2

I have yet to find a single other person on planet earth that is willing to play this game, besides me, but it is actually a really good game. The goal of the game is to put on successful runaway shows, all across the globe. The player is presented with a group of three fashion models that have to be suited up for a runway show. Prior to the show, you are provided with examples of three style types that are being featured at the show, such as Bollywood, Sockhop, and…uh…Military. You are then presented with a selection of clothes at the bottom of the screen that you have to identify as a certain style and then drag-n-drop onto the corresponding model. Powerups can be obtained to switch styles or wardrobe, when needed, and accessories that can compliment any outfit are opened up, as well. When a model is fully clothed, her icon will light up, indicating that you can send her to the runway. If you are fast and efficient, you can send multiple models out simultaneously to score a chain combo multiplier. When they get to the runway, they are scored for each clothing type (torso, legs, and feet), based on how well it fits the style category that she is sporting. If you exactly match one of the predefined “signature” outfits, shown on the left, you also score big.

Semi-frequent, bonus photo shoots offer a different type of gameplay, in which a large number of fully dressed models are standing around, waiting to have their photo taken. You are scored based on choosing the correct model style (and sequential hits provide additional score) and framing the photograph properly. Each of the five unlock-able cities, such as Los Angeles and Berlin, contains 15 diverse levels, each of which contain a number of different styles. Dragging clothes onto models is not always as responsive as I would like, but overall, the game is really polished. This really is a textbook example of good casual game design; great presentation and player feedback, both visually and aurally, good decision-making, good pacing and progression, and intuitive gameplay. My 3-year-old loves it and can play it all by herself, which demonstrates how approachable it is.

Update: Jojo’s now has OpenFeint social features, achievements, and awards. Downloadable Content is also now available; 2 level packs, each containing two full locations. Rating increased accordingly.

Rating: ★★★★★ icon

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