F.A.S.T. — Fleet Air Superiority Training!

This is an amazing flight simulator. A variety of aircraft, each with its own statistic loadout, can be launched into the skies to dogfight a number of opponents. The player can opt for a first or third person viewpoint, but either way, all of the necessary functions are to hand. The fighters have machine guns, rockets, and flack. The controls are really fluid and permit the freedom of movement that a game like this requires. If you are in any way a fan of flight sims, this is a must-have title. I’m not even a flight-sim guy and I like it.

Update: “Don’t Update!” That is my update for you. The developer switched the entire game to an in-app purchase model, but unfortunately it totally borked current users. After updating, it wanted me to re-purchase ALL of my planes for $18! Real world dollars! I earned them and they are gone. I understand that bugs can creep into a game, but this obviously wasn’t tested properly, because this happened to most of the current owners.

Update 2: Supposedly, the bug is now fixed, but I have not reinstalled to check. I’m over it.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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