The much hyped MiniGore has arrived on the scene, but ultimately it suffers from that high profile status, because the shipping game has very little depth. It is a twin-stick shooter, like iDracula, but it focuses solely on the experience of shooting masses of greeblies at a maddening rate, but with out all the extras like upgrades, levels, achievements, global high scores, etc. WYSIWYG. I still really like the game, though, because of the pacing, progression, and personality. The one to watch for from these guys, though, is called HardGore, It’s uses the same art style, but it’s a Tower Defense game, and it is at the top of my wishlist. I’d buy this just to give them an extra dollar to develop HG.

Update: The developers at Mountain Sheep have added a ton of new characters, some unlocked via number of kills and others that are purchased via DLC with the new snow map. I’m glad they added the kill totals, because it got me to play the game more and enjoy it more for what it is. Some have special abilities, such as dual-wielding shotguns or grenades. The character you open up for 32,000 kills is…Enviro-Bear!!!

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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