Bomb Commander

This is a really fast-paced tap shooter, with good enemy design and core mechanics. If you’ve ever played Sneezies or Bugz, you are familiar with chain reaction gameplay caused by triggering a sequence of explosions. The devs on this title decided to wrap a full-featured game around the mechanic and they were very successful. The player must protect the earth from various enemies that plummet towards its surface. Your ammo is limited, but is refreshed by powerups that drop (earth shield powerups drop too). Different enemies require different tactics; little enemies can trigger chain reactions (that provide an escalating score multiplier that is lost if a single one penetrates the shield), aircraft dart around and must be tapped directly, and the mothership needs to have power units destroyed into order for the shields to drop. This game is really fast-paced and fun.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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