This game has a great soundtrack, graphics, and overall style. The dev must be a graphic designer. The core gameplay idea is good and the ancillary systems are also good. You guide the dot around to pick up the squares. Getting 10 squares in sequence, triggers a combo that releases stars that provide more points. The enemies kill when touched, but provide points if you instead hover near them. I really wish you could use that proximity as a buffer to extend combos, though. The control is somewhat slow, intentionally, and a bit frustrating as your finger often obstructs your dot. They really need to opt for Bullet Hell (rRootage) style control, in which you control the dot from elsewhere, but if I were you, I would snag it now, in hopes for an update. It is also possible that this won’t bother you at all and will enjoy it right away.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ icon


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