Yes, THE NetHack, now on your iPhone in all of its cumbersome glory. Unless you are already a fan of NetHack, or are perhaps looking forward to Diablo III and want to see its progenitor, you probably should steer clear of this title. If you thought RogueTouch had a bad interface, this game makes RT feel like a Miyamoto game. This is what took up hundreds and hundreds of gamer hours, prior to the advent of that WoW game. I’m not really a diehard NetHacker, but I still have spent many, many hours with previous incarnations, and it seems like they’ve included all of the functionality they could jam into an iPhone, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s based on version 4.3 and gives and provides an extensive history and credit roll. It’s a little buggy and it’s inelegant, in just about every way, but it is also FREE.

Update: OMB, don’t get this. Get the newer NetHack instead. It’s a kajillion times better, because it uses swipe controls for everything and it has the original ASCI mode!


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