A Doodle Flight

This game is awesome. Snow white doves plummeting from the heavens, a giant, limbless baby in diapers, grumpy moons on a string, a halo-capped angel with a bouncing head, and the final boss you kill is called Supermary?!? The theme and broke-ass graphics made this an insta-buy for me and it was totally worth it. The enemy design is diverse, with dive-bombers, flight patterns, warp-ins, bouncers, homing, and I don’t know what all. The core gameplay is tight, thanks to great pacing, decent controls, and varied combinations of enemies. You have a couple different ships to choose between (although I can’t really tell much difference), both of which collect weapon powerups and bombs. Your bomb is a giant freakin’ bird that careens across the screen and nullifies every non-boss enemy on-screen! This game is crazy sexy cool.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ icon

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