Puzzlings is a Match-3 game, with a heart. You have a fully customizable avatar that can be kitted out as adorable or hideous. You have a homebase for your adorable little Puzzling fellow, which includes a wardrobe. Entering the wardrobe allows you to customize facial features, hats, shirts, pants, etc. Initially, there are no upgrades, but they open up near-constantly as you proceed through the game. I’m sure there are 100s of thousands of potential combinations, so you can display your own personal style. Leaving your home allows you to view the overworld map, which can be panned around to your heart’s content. Initially, one location is available. Tapping this brings you to the puzzle screen. This is comprised of an animated version of your avatar, on the left, and a new take on Match-3 on the right. Other than the aforementioned features, what sets this game apart from others in the genre, is the way in which the blocks are manipulated. Typically, in a Match-3 game, you swap two blocks to form matches. This also works inPuzzlings, but there is more to it. You see, the player can drag-select any number of blocks in a line and the whole line flips to the mirror image. You can also drag-select a box of blocks, they will begin to rotate 90 degrees each second, and tapping them stops the rotation in the new orientation. This block box can also be of any size, up to and including, the entire game board. Kooky. The game is pretty easy, so the added manipulation isn’t really necessary, but the charm factor more than makes up for it. My 3-yr-old daughterloves this game. If the challenge eventually ramps up, my rating will probably go up, as well.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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