This game breathes new life into the Castle Defense genre, by introducing a new mechanic: aim. Please direct your attention to the ballista perched high atop the castle on the right. The player fires the weapon by dragging backward at the desired angle and then releasing. It takes a while to get used to, at first, but becomes second nature after a few games. You must defend your castle against footmen, archers, hatchet-men, knights on horseback, and catapults. You have to balance your defenses with firing offensive shots at the opposing castle, since the win condition is destruction of said castle. Each successful hit on any opposing troop, siege engine, or castle earns gold, which can be spent on any number of castle or troop upgrades. There are some UI issues, but nothing insurmountable. The whole game comes together nicely, now that the difficulty has been adjusted in the latest patch, and the graphics for each new level are top notch, although a bit staged.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ icon


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