Countdown: DownToZero

Countdown: DownToZero

This game is soon to hit the app store and I got a chance to play it early, so I wanted to give you guys a heads up to watch for it. It combines elements of Drop7Numba, and Big Top 10, but what it adds is a bucketload of timing, strategy, pacing, and competition.

Numbers drop from the top of the screen and the player must swipe across a set of tiles, starting with the highest number and ending with a sum of zero; hence, the title, Countdown: DropToZero. The score for a swipe is calculated by multiplying the first number by the total number of tiles swiped. Simple enough, right? Well, the tiles drop at a pretty decent rate and, early on in your learning, you find yourself having to swipe dupes, (4-4=0, 2-2=0), just to save yourself, because the like many Tetris-style games, if a column hits the top, it’s game over, dewd.

As your skills improve, you learn to chain together swipes, to increase your score. You see, each swipe has a buffer zone; swiping a correct set of tiles causes them to flash for a predefined duration and if you swipe another set, in that timeframe, the timer resets! Like many great puzzle games, when you discover this method, the core concept of game reveals itself to you. The optimal strategy is to have a board full of matched sets and then swipe them in succession for huge, high-scoring chains. To aid in this, you can press an empty section of the screen to speed up the drops temporarily.

As the game progresses, higher number tiles are added to the mix, and the pacing is really solid. There are four different modes, Endless, 1 Minute, 3 Minute, and “Clear”, all of which are fun to play. Not only that, but each has its own leaderboard to compete against your friends…and enemies. This game is addictive, challenging, and well-paced. I recommend it not only to fans of the aforementioned titles, but to anyone that likes puzzle games that challenge your mind and your dexterity.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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