Good core idea, great sense of humor, good escalating challenge, and it’s fun. You just pull the froot off the trees and plop it in the collector of the corresponding color. I have to say that the risk vs. reward mechanism in this game is brilliant. You want to do the lob move, to get the local multipliers, but it takes much more skill than the drag move. It’s also interesting that the low-threat, early to mid-game is when the lob is the easiest to pull off, but it is in the end-game, when you have racked up a higher global modifier that it really matters. The more I play this, the more I like it. I wish every Froot type smiled when they were ripe, because it’s sometimes hard to tell when they are prime for the pluckin’. You want players operating with full knowledge of the game state, otherwise it can be frustrating. When I get a low score, I want it to be due my own screw-up, not because I couldn’t tell when to time my moves. Game’s fun, though.

Update: I really recommend this title, if you guys and girls have overlooked it, for whatever reason. I have consistently returned to it, because TheTinMan has hit on such a perfect combination of simplicity and depth. The screenshots really don’t do it justice, because the game is very involving. I’m not even sure that a video would capture it either; you really need to play it. I ended up playing one-metric-ton of this game, because there is always that feeling of being able to do just a little better next game. AGON leaderboards have been added, as well, so you can see which of your friends is the biggest Froot!

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon

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