Mecho Wars

Mecho Wars

Wow, game clones aren’t so bad, if they’re based on a game like Advance Wars and the devs pour their heart and soul into them. In this title, that dedication primarily takes the form of a very unique art style illustrated by Luc Bernard (the soundtrack is nice too). I love the look of the creatures, although the colors tend to burrow through my skull, after long hours of play time. The long hours, though, are due to the fact that the gameplay is actually quite good; the game consists of turn-based strategic battles and tech tree navigation. One mildly interesting feature is that the environment can change over time, which has to be a part of your strategy. For instance, the previously impassable lake ices over at night, which allows your units to merrily slide across and flank your opponent’s base. So far, the depth is there and I’m really enjoying the single-player campaign, but there is no online component yet, which you will definitely miss, if you are a UniWar junky. If you want to play against your buddies, you can wait for the update, or just get UniWar, which you should have done already!

Update: Multiplayer has been added, but I have yet to test it. My rating may go up.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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