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Beat Rider

First thought, “Finally, you can use your own music in a rhythm game!” Second thought, “Wow, what a royal pain in the butt!” You see, Apple does not currently allow developers to mess with a user’s iTunes Library (it can play in the background, but you can’t use it to generate data). The workaround that the developers came up with is to upload your music to a server, then download it to Beat Rider. It takes forever, as you have to upload one song at a time, and there is a limit of 20 songs, none over ten minutes long. An algorithm that generates tap-notes is never going to be as good as a crafted experience, but it is a fair trade-off, since you pay zero dollars for Nine Inch Nails, as opposed to $5 for the Tap Tap Revenge version.

That’s how the game plays, by the way, notes travel down a series of five paths and the user taps the corresponding button, when one crosses the tap line. It’s a bit disconcerting that the buttons you hit, set off a drum beat, but at times, it makes it seem more like it matches the song. There are tons of difficulty levels, up to and including so-insane-only-robots-can-win. Even with its limitations, I love this game for one reason; imagine playing Rock Band with your entire music library, instead of the songs they decide to pimp.

Update: Songs can now be uploaded simultaneously, the storage cap was increased to 50 with this version (a cheaper 20-song version is also available), 70 free songs were added, 3 new skins have been added, and there are both 3-note and 5-note play modes. I’m still putting the update through its paces, but will return with impressions.

Rating: ★★★★☆ icon


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