My Brute

My Brute

This is a port of a free web game, with 1.7 million subscribers. You choose a fighter, customize him or her, and then send it to battle other player’s fighters, a few times per day. You don’t control the battles at all; you simply watch them play out. The only real decision-making is who to fight. Your character gains experience to level up and get upgrades along the way, including weapons, items, and pets. It’s a super cute, somewhat mindless observer sport, which might get a recommendation at a lower price-point, but it feels overpriced for what you get.

Update: Once I found a real-life friend to share a dojo, I actually played this a fair amount. I ended up liking the character customization and progress path. Much like playing a quick turn in Words With Friends, each day for a couple weeks, it was kewl to see when I could fight a couple battles for a quick break. Due to this, I raised my rating up a star. In addition, the developers have added several downloadable expansion packs for real life money, adding to the content available, but at a relatively significant cash outlay.

Rating: ★★★½☆ icon


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