Mission Statement

AppGamers provides simple and honest reviews that allow gamers to quickly skim through several entries to find games they would like, even directly from an iPhone or iPad, and our goal is to post an average of one review per day.


Our belief here at AppGamers is that Apple has provided a content delivery system, pricing structure, and platform that allow even small teams to frequently produce quality games and to profit from their labor, with or without a big publisher to back them.

No one could have predicted just how successful Apple’s venture would be or that thousands of game developers would jump at the chance to release titles for the platform so quickly. With that enormous success came the inevitable need to figure out ways for users to sort through those titles to find their favorites, upon which to spend their dollar. That is the role that we hope to fill with AppGamers.

The Management

As the principal creator of AppGamers, Karl Deckard has been a Game Designer for almost 15 years, having worked on many high-profile titles such as, Half-Life, Metroid Prime, Metroid Prime 2 Echoes, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and now Diablo III. As an extension of that career path and philosophy, he wants to help gamers discover games and he wants to do his part to see that community grow and become more informed.

To that end, shortly after the release of the iPhone, he began to recommend games to friends and co-workers at Blizzard Entertainment. This took the form of an email that initially went out to 5 or 6 friends and has now grown to over 150 recipients. At that point, he thought it was time to open it up to be enjoyed by a wider audience and you, the reader, are now part of that audience.

The Audience

We realize that most of you will never even venture to this page, because you will be immersed in the content and that’s really the whole point. For those of you that are reading this, though, we will sum this up by saying: you are the reason we do this. We’ve been playing games our whole lives; this experience has helped shape our personalities, our friendships, and our career goals. I have no great expectations that my little contribution here will have that great an impact, but I do think it will help gamers do what they do best, play great games.

How You Can Help

This website currently costs very little to maintain, other than time, but that is a valuable commodity in our lives. In addition, the hidden cost here, believe it or not, is the $1-10 that we spend on each of the games we review. All that we ask of you is this: when you decide to purchase a game, based on an AppGamer review, please use the provided iTunes link at the bottom of the review. This button automagically transfers 5 cents on every dollar to our iTunes account. That 5 cents will help purchase more great games for us to review for you. Think of it as an investment in your future that costs you nothing, but a click. Thank you, in advance.

To the Developers

Here at AppGamers we know first hand, the struggle that developers go through to get a game into the marketplace. We also know that iPhone developers oftentimes do this without a marketing department or advertising¬†budget and that their PR effort sometimes consists of simply saying hello in a forum. If you like the style of this site, the reviews, or the philosophy that started it all, please consider emailing AppGamers[@]me[dot]com (no brackets) to ask if we’ll post a review of your game or app in exchange for a review copy. We will state up front that we only post honest reviews, good or bad, so you need to know that from the outset. We will rarely, if ever, review a 1-Star game, because there are too many other great games to play.